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THEO is a team of experts who are animal lovers, and fully committed to the health and joyful life of animals. In TheO, we believe that pets are part of the family and deserve the same rights to a healthy life as every other family member.
That’s why THEO only uses human-grade and organic ingredients available to produce a high quality dog and cat food. Each of our ingredients are carefully chosen based on its nutritional value and then matched and balanced to deliver the nutritional benefits that we promise.
All of our products not only meet, but also exceed all the nutrition specification requirements of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Indeed, our organic products contain the required vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the right proportions to keep your loving pet healthy and happy.
In addition to our high quality ingredients, TheO prides in its unique processing method. We apply the same principles used in processing human food in order to increase digestibility and support a balanced health and nutrition.
Our mission is to provide with a healthy and high quality product for our companions and we are currently working side by side other partners around the globe. TheO always welcomes the opportunity to develop new partnership with companies who share the same conviction towards high quality products and pet health.
TheO Challenge
We are proud of our healthy, high quality products and have no doubt you will feel the same way once you conduct a feeding trial. We are more than happy to send you samples to try; we assure you better taste and health for your pet.
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