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  • Welcome to The-O Corporation
  • THEO has a team of experts who are animal lovers,
    and who are fully committed to the health and
    joyful life of animals.
    THEO only uses the best organic ingredients avail-
    able to produce high quality dog and cat food, and
    each ingredient is carefully chosen based on its
    nutritional value and then matched and balanced
    to deliver the nutrition benefits we promise.
    All of our products not only meet, but also exceed
    all the nutrition specification requirements of the
    Association of American Feed Control Officials
    (AAFCO). Indeed, our organic products contain the
    requiredvitamins, minerals and amino acids in the ..
  • All the ingredients used in THE Organic foods are in accordance
    with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), ECOCERT
    regulation and certified.
    These certifications are given to those NOT using agrichemical,
    herbicide, antibiotics, GMO foods, chemical fertilizer, insecticide
    and hormone substances in their farms and production facilities.
  • TheO welcomes the opportunity to use our
    resources and techniques to develop and
    produce under your brand. With our wide
    range of options and a skilled R&D team, we
    are able to tailor the products to match your
    needs and company values.